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Walk It Out is proud to serve Youth throughout America with scholarships to Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools or scholarships to aid them in the establishment of their own businesses.  Volunteer Fundraisers (VF's) are appreciated at every FIT WALK to help raise funds for the advancement of inner city youth. 50% of the funds raised are donated directly to our youth scholarship program while the other 50% are used in support our customer service and administrative staff.

Thank you for your support in empowering Youth!

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This Scholarship is referred to as the M&R "Not In Vain" Memorial Scholarship. It gains its title on the remembrance of two young black men (ages 10 & 11) developing and growing a business to generate over $50,000 its first year. These young men went on to increase their annual sales each and every year for four years straight only to be stopped by the untimely death of the younger one (Rahim Elijah) during the initial phases of COVID-19. Malik & Rahim (M&R) were/are excellent examples of what our youth can accomplish if given a little guidance and insight. We pray that the recipients of this award will benefit from the legacy and accomplishments of Malik & Rahim (M&R) remembering that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens the believers.

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