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Create a Walk It Out News Letter - For all the Companies

Ask CEO's to create a Health & Wellness Committee - Meet Monthly to discuss health & wellness at the work place/ discuss topics that are relevant to employees that work at your business.

Topics for News Letter:

How has COVID/Pandemic affected the health of your employees & their families?

Is food healthy at work?

Do employees cook their lunch or eat fast foods?

Create Surveys: 

1. Leadership Survey

How many of your employees have the following:

a. high blood pressure?

b. diabetes

c. high cholesterol

d. are overweight

e. are highly stressed

f. have had COVID

g. exercise regularly

h. chronic headaches

i. back troubles

j. pain in their joints

k. get 6-8 hours of sleep

l. work 2 jobs

Do you have a corporate wellness plan in place to help improve the health of your employees? If so, is it working? Are you able to track its effectiveness?

How often do your employees call off work or take sick days?

Do your employees have regular doctor visits?

Are your employees members at a health club? Do they have a trainer?

How often do you exercise?

Do you believe offering an effective corporate wellness plan that tracked employee health would be appreciated by your employees and their families? Why or Why not?

Does your health insurance offer better rates if you have an effective corporate wellness plan in place?

Do you offer moral boosters for your employees?

2. Employee Survey


Zoom Meeting Subjects:

Coping Mechanisms - How to break bad habits

Yoga - Mind/Body/Spirit

Aerobic Classes - Do they work?

I can't afford a Personal Trainers 

Is My Doctor Right?

Treatments vs. Cures


Weight Loss Surgery or NOT

How to create "ME" time

The Best Preventive Medicine - FOOD

Which Grocery Stores have the Best Fruits & Veggies

Walk It Out Script:

Walk It Out is a Full Scale Corporate Wellness System Designed to:

1. Lower your Health Insurance Premiums

2. Track Employee Health Improvements &

3. Drastically Increase your Bottom Line

Do you know what the #1 Cause of death in America is?

Heart Disease

How many of your employees have high blood pressure?

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